Feeling Helpless After Giving Birth? 4 Signs That It Might Be Postpartum Depression

If you've recently given birth, and you're experiencing feelings that you've never felt before, you could be dealing with postpartum depression. Many women believe that postpartum depression is exactly that, depression. Because of that, they ignore all the other emotional changes they're experiencing. Unfortunately, that could be creating a situation where they fail to receive the help they so desperately need. If you're recently given birth, you need to be aware of the following symptoms. If any of them seem familiar, you need to speak to a women's counselor about postpartum depression.

Feeling Disconnected

It's not uncommon to be tired, or fatigues, after giving birth. However, postpartum depression goes beyond the typical fatigue. Postpartum depression can give you a feeling of disconnect, like being in a constant brain fog. You may forget what you were doing, or become dazed when someone is speaking to you. If you've been feeling disconnected since giving birth, your problem may be related to postpartum depression.

Lack of All Emotions

Postpartum depression doesn't always leave you feeling depressed. In fact, postpartum depression can leave you feeling void of all emotions. You may find that normal things no longer bring you any joy, or that you just can't feel anything at all. If you suddenly feel as if you have no emotions at all, it's time to speak to your doctor about postpartum depression.

Sudden Onset of Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be another sign of postpartum depression. Many women experience moments of profound anxiety or panic after giving birth. They may suddenly feel worried that they aren't doing anything right, or that they're not equipped to care for a baby. It's normal to feel mildly anxious about your parenting skills, especially after the birth of your first child. However, it's not normal for anxiety to interfere with your daily activities. If you've developed panic attacks, or severe anxiety since giving birth, it could be due to postpartum depression.

Thoughts That Frighten You

Severe postpartum depression can give women thoughts and feelings that are frightening. In fact, some women have committed acts of violence while suffering from postpartum depression. If you've been experiencing thoughts that have frightened you, or you're experiencing angry outbursts since giving birth, you should speak to a counselor about postpartum depression as soon as possible.

Postpartum depression can be a frightening thing. However, it's important for you to know that help is available. Talk to a counselor near you. They can give you the help you need to overcome the disorder.