Consider These Advantages Of A Treatment Program Outside Of Your State

When you're looking for an appropriate drug treatment center for a family member who is struggling with addiction, it's logical to look for a facility near where you live. After all, you may reason that it will be easier to get the person into treatment, and that you'll have an easier time visiting. However, you may wish to alternatively consider a treatment center that is outside your state. Even though the trip to this facility will be longer, there are several advantages, including those that can reduce the risk of a relapse. Here are three advantages that you should know.

Separation From Bad Influences

For many addicts, part of the challenge of getting clean is that many people within their circle of friends are also users. If the addict in your live seeks treatment locally, his or her friends may attempt to visit. Even though treatment program staff are vigilant about protecting their patients, the reality is that a determined addict may try hard to sneak drugs to a user in treatment. When you arrange treatment for your love one at an out-of-state facility, this won't be an issue.

Less Temptation To Leave

People in drug treatment programs are free to leave at any time, in most cases, which means that this can often be tempting on days that are particularly challenging. When your loved one is in treatment in your area, he or she may feel that leaving is easy — after all, unless you've given some hard rules about completing treatment, the addict may simply feel as though he or she can return home to live with you. However, when the addict is in a treatment center in a different state, there may be less temptation to leave.

Less Knowledge Of Where To Get Drugs

In residential programs, addicts will often remain in the treatment center or on the property for the entirety of the treatment program. However, some facilities occasionally allow people to go off the property, perhaps as a reward for doing well. This can be a challenging situation for the addict, especially while in treatment in a familiar area. In such an event, the addict will likely know where he or she can go to get drugs, and this urge can be too strong to resist. However, if the addict is in an unfamiliar area, he or she may be unsure of where to get drugs, and thus be less tempted to do so.

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