Consequences Of Struggling With Workplace Deadlines

Regardless of the type of work that you do, there's a good chance that you have regular deadlines to meet. Someone who works in sales needs to submit his or her sales reports by a certain deadline each month, a billing specialist needs to pay vendors on schedule, and a marketing professional needs to roll out new initiatives by the agreed-upon date. Ideally, you'll be comfortable working in a deadline-driven environment, but there's no doubt that deadlines can be difficult for some people. If you struggle with deadlines, meeting with a career coach can help you to better understand your challenges — and also learn how to overcome them. Failing to take action could lead to these consequences.

You'll Get Fewer Important Assignments

If you repeatedly struggle to hit deadlines, your manager may feel as though you're not reliable. If your peers are better with deadlines, your struggles will be more evident. You may find yourself in a situation in which your manager assigns important tasks to your peers rather than to you. This can leave you feeling out of the loop, perhaps toiling away at projects that are of little consequence to the success of the organization.

You May Face Discipline

Deadlines are often set for a specific reason, and missing them can be costly — including in the financial sense. For example, if you don't pay a vendor on time, the vendor may charge you interest. This means that your company is spending more because you weren't able to get your work done on time. A pattern of deadline struggles can lead to various forms of discipline. For example, you might receive verbal and written warnings. Prolonged infractions could even affect your job status.

You May Lose Respect

Employees can earn respect in a number of ways. If you show yourself to be honest, hardworking, and a good team player, you'll likely have the respect of those with whom you work. However, if you cannot always hit your deadlines, you may begin to notice that other people aren't respecting you as much as they used to. Your manager may lose respect because he or she doesn't see you as reliable, and your peers may even begin to feel differently about you because they don't understand why you're struggling. Fortunately, partnering with career coaching services can give you the insights and skills that you need to master your deadlines — thus avoiding all of these consequences.