Dialectical Behavior Therapy Is A Great Option

For many people who are considering getting help for mental health issues, dialectical behavior therapy is developing as a great treatment option. As a type of cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a good option if you need to make some changes to your mindset. This will then change your behaviors and actions, giving you the best chance at a happy and healthy future.

Not sure about DBT? Here's what you need to know about this therapy option.

What Does Dialectical Behavior Therapy Do?

Dialectical behavior therapy is useful for helping people regulate their emotions. For example, it can help you address feelings of anger and fear. It can help you take more control of your feelings while recognizing emotions that may arise without judgment.

This therapy also helps people manage their interpersonal issues. They learn to become more assertive so that they can develop healthier relationships, for example. Many people struggle to assert their needs in their relationships, but therapy can help you strengthen your sense of self and your communication skills so you can express these needs to others.

For people with compulsive tendencies, DBT is also a good option. This therapy technique is beneficial for addressing the thoughts that prompt you to behave compulsively, ensuring that you are having healthier thoughts in the process.

DBT is beneficial for increasing mindfulness, which increases awareness of the moment at hand. It also helps increase engagement with the world around you. When you engage with others more, you can decrease anxiety and stress in your life.

What Does DBT Treat?

DBT has been used to address substance abuse issues. Many people use DBT alongside other addiction treatment options, especially during rehabilitation at a facility.

Of course, addiction is not the only issue DBT treats. It is also useful for issues like depression, eating disorders, PTSD, and borderline personality disorder.

What Should You Do If DBT Sounds Like a Good Option?

Dialectical behavior therapy can be administered as part of group or individual therapy. Many people attend both types of sessions, often weekly or biweekly, to see a change in the way they operate.

If you believe that this therapy is the best option for you, you should speak with a therapist. Adult counseling is available in many forms to help you through a difficult part of your life. Whether you have always lived with these issues or they are new in your life, you can make changes now for the better.