Name-Calling Is Not Normal: Understanding the Signs of Emotional Abuse in Your Marriage

Unfortunately, marriage is not always the fairy tale you dreamed of as a little girl. From the reality of living together to the stresses of work and finances, it is easy to see how marriage can become overwhelming. While arguing is a normal part of a relationship, your spouse should never berate, belittle, or threaten you. Considering an estimated 35 percent of married women or women in a common-law marriage have experienced emotional abuse, learning the signs of this non-physical problem is smart.

What You Need To Know About Anger If You Have PTSD

If you or a loved one suffers from PTSD (or any other anxiety disorder) you may deal with a lot of anger issues. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, anger is a common response to trauma. It’s well known that anger can affect relationships, but it can also cause increased heart rate and diastolic blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease. Therefore, anger management is crucial to better relationships and better health.

Can a History of Counseling Affects Your Application as an International Aid Volunteer?

If you are thinking about applying to volunteer with an international aid organization, especially one sponsored by the U.S. government, you may be required to disclose your medical history as part of your application. If you have a history of psychiatric counseling, you may wonder what you have to disclose and how it will affect your chances of approval.  Know What You Have to Disclose  When you are filling out a full medical history, you may wonder when you have to include counseling and whether you should include short amounts of counseling that could easily be left out without penalty.

Cyber Infidelity: Real, Common, And Recoverable

Have you recently discovered that your significant other has been using the internet to have intimate conversations with others? Are you wondering if your feelings of betrayal are justified, why this is happening, and what you should do about it? If so, the following information is for you. Is It Really Cheating? There is much debate about whether text on a computer or phone screen can even be considered cheating at all.

The Age Gap: Tips For Making Your Marriage Work

Studies show that a greater age gap correlates with a higher divorce rate. However, you don’t need to be part of those statistics. If one partner is significantly older than the other spouse, you can still have a great marriage, especially if you know what to watch for and how to keep the romance alive as you age. Here are a few things that will help you as you cultivate your life-long commitment.